Debuting at The 2018 Asian Games, eSports Will Be More Popular in Indonesia

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The 2018 Asian Games is only a few weeks away. The biggest sporting event in Asia will take place in Indonesia, more precisely in the city of Jakarta and Palembang. eSports will contest for the first time as an official sport in the Asian Games. This year Indonesia is given the opportunity to challenge and showcase their eSport capabilities with their neighboring countries, such as Thailand and the Philippines.

Online gaming in Indonesia is growing steadily, as seen from the increase in local eSport competitions nationwide. Soon al the negative perceptions on esports in Indonesia will fade into obscurity with the announcement that the Asian Games are recognizing esports as an official competing sport as well as the promise of participating in the upcoming 2024 Olympics.

In the 2018 Asian Games, eSports will be present as an exhibition sport and as an exhibition sport event, this means that eSports will still compete for medals, however these medals earned will not be considered in the 2018 Asian Games standings to determine the positions or total score of the countries participating for other sports. There are six games to be competed in eSports. The six branches are Arena of Valor, Pro Evolution Soccer, League of Legends, Clash Royale, Hearthstone and Starcraft 2.

The eSports tournament is open to anyone, mainly because eSports do not require physical standards like a conventional Olympic athlete. In fact eSports can be competed by people with disabilities. The eSports Indonesia athletes are compiled in IeSPA (Indonesia eSport Association) which is currently still based on the organization FORMI (Federasi Olahraga Masyarakat Indonesia). In the future, conceivably sometime around the Olympic Games, eSport is forecasted to grow a lot more rapidly and expects to be even more relevant to the millennials. The gaming industry in Indonesia is ranked 16th in 2017 and according to data

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