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Playing mobile games have become the main choice for some gamers. The flexibility of a smartphone that can always carried everywhere becomes one of the contributing factors. For you Android users, this is 5 best android game apps to download.

1. 9apps

This application called 9apps was created for you who want to find alternative games to play on your smartphone or Android device. 9pps is a third-party application store that is recognized as one of the largest in the world. Until now, the total game downloads in this application have reached 26 million per day.

They have various features that support you to find and find selected Android games. In addition to being able to download games for free. 9apps has a Coupon feature that you can use to shop on selected online shopping sites, as well as Game Community features to take exclusive gifts, watch tutorials and read certain game reviews.


2. MoboGenie


MoboGenie Market Free Original or more popular with only MoboGenie is one of the best game apps that you can use to download exciting selected games. Application made by DataViz Inc. This is worth trying if you are bored with the games on your smartphone now. This application also provides powerful security features, you know. You can also control bandwidth consumption, set game downloads and still support even though you are only on 3G networks or even 2G.


3. FDroid


FDroid is a marketplace that similar to the Google Play Store. It could be said as an alternative to Play Store, this application of course also provides thousands of alternative games that you can download and play on your Android. This apps is compatible for all versions of Android in terms of use are fairly easy. For those of you who have run out of game recommendations and need new sources that also contain new games or you have never tried before, then one of the sources that you should visit is FDroid.




Hago game apps is now viral. Lots of smartphone users who download this game. This application is the number 1 most popular application on the Play Store because it is widely downloaded. Hago Games has been downloaded more than 5 million times and received a rating of 4.6. Hago was made by Neotasks Inc. developers. Hago currently contains more than 20 types of games. The way to play it is quite simple but it relies heavily on speed and strategy. Another plus point is when a duel with your opponent, you can activate voice chat so you can chat with your opponents.


5. Steam for Android

Steam for Android

Steam is one of the best game services in the world created by Valve Corporation, which has officially created a mobile application, one of which can be used for you owners of smartphones or Android devices. Just like the desktop version, Steam for Android allows you to buy the latest games, sell game items to discuss in both forums and personal chat with other gamers. The difference is, you can do it anytime and anywhere using a smartphone that is in your hand.


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