Welcoming Cashless Society with Mobile Payment, Let’s Find Out The Advantages!

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In recent years the cashless society has indeed been intensively launched by Bank Indonesia to reduce cash transactions. The existence of lifestyle changes in the digital economy era is also a driving force why cashless payments are increasingly being used by the public. The cashless transaction also developed because the public and the government were also increasingly aware that cash transactions had many shortcomings. The government itself needs a large amount of money to manage cash, such as printing, distribution, and so on. While for the people who use it, it is more difficult because they have to prepare small money, change, and others. For those reasons, non-cash transactions are present as answers.

Mobile payment users in Indonesia alone reach 370 million, of which 1.5 times the population in Indonesia. This data is proof that the Indonesian people are ready to become a cashless society with mobile payment or card are the right choice to use in Indonesia. These are some of the advantages of a cashless system that will make your life easier:

– Providing convenience for customers

Mobile payment transactions are faster and more practical than cash transactions where you do not need to give change to your customers. This becomes a special convenience for customers when they do not carry cash. They also do not need to bother looking for the nearest ATM to withdraw cash. By providing mobile payment options to customers, you have indirectly provided satisfactory service. They do not need to wait and queue for a long time to pay so the transaction runs more efficiently.

– The transaction process is much safer

Mobile payment transactions are safer than cash transactions because they reduce the risk of theft, until some transactions that may not be recorded by you. In addition to the customers themselves, transactions using mobile payment are safer because of a layered authentication system, such as providing passwords for passwords and OTP codes sent to smartphones.

– Attractive promos

Some mobile payment providers give convenience to merchants to make attractive promos for their customers. As a business owner, this is an opportunity to attract new customers thanks to the attractive promos you offer to mobile payment users. Meanwhile, customers will get many benefits in the form of attractive promos, such as price discounts, buy one get one, or cashback that can only be obtained when they transact using mobile payment.

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