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Indonesia is one of the countries where the development of startups is rapidly increasing. The development of startups helped improve the economy in Indonesia. The status of the startup as a ‘unicorn’ has been achieved by the four Indonesian startups that you have of course heard are familiar, namely Go-Jek, Tokopedia, Traveloka, and Bukalapak. Even though they already hold status as a unicorn, all four have different valuation .

The status of the Unicorn given to Startup means that the startup has a valuation of more than $ 1 billion. This is the explanation and sequence of Indonesian Unicorn startup based on their valuation values from the highest:



It was recently reported that Tokopedia received an injection of funds from its investors whose clarity is unknown, SoftBank Group Corp. or Vision Fund, Tokopedia is now officially valued at around $ 7 billion, equivalent to Rp102 trillion. Based on research from CB Insight research firm, with that Tokopedia becomes the top valuation for startups in Indonesia.



Go-Jek is the first Indonesian unicorn startup. There is news that Google, Tencent, and JD are doubling their investment in Go-Jek so that it has the potential to increase the valuation of the startup.

If it is true that the three of them disburse the funds, then the startup capitalization of Nadiem Makarim is expected to exceed USD 9 billion. If the news is correct, then the company will be worth Rp136 trillion.

As reported previously, Go-Jek has secured as much as USD 1.2 billion and Google, Tencent, and JD are the three main sources of investment.

Seeing the increase in Go-Jek’s market capitalization can be categorized so significantly. Because, at the beginning of the year, Go-Jek still stated that their valuation was still in the range of USD 4.8 billion.



This startup made by Fery Unardi received an injection of funds from a travel company from the United States, Expedia in June 2017 valued at US $ 350 million, around Rp.4.6 trillion. Through the funding, Traveloka now has a valuation of more than US $ 2 billion, equivalent to Rp26.6 trillion.

Traveloka is rumored to be receiving an injection of IDR 6 trillion this year, but its investors have not yet been officially revealed. Through the news, Traveloka’s valuation value increased to Rp61 trillion.



Bukalapak is the fourth Indonesian Unicorn Startup that succeeded in having a valuation above US $ 1 billion, equivalent to Rp. 13.5 trillion.

However, it is very unfortunate, the startup founded by Achmad Zaky did not want to disclose who were the investors who injected capital into Bukalapak, because the investor who requested his identity was not distributed to the public.

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