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There are many marketing strategies that can be used to dominate the market and increase sales. In the old days, marketers create ads through traditional marketing by printing brochures or discount vouchers and distributing them to consumers. At present, this traditional way of marketing is considered less effective in terms of cost and time. But fret not, because the new method is here! An offer that is both more effective and delivers significant results, and it is called; Bulk SMS!

Bulk SMS services could send messages to thousands of customers in a click of a button. While TV and print ads require middle men such as newspaper channels and TV companies to pass the intended information to customers, you can now use SMS gateway services to directly and instantly send customers a buzz, either to promote your brand, improve awareness, or to simply ensure your relationship with your customers is intact.

Instead of dealing with complicated rules, regulations, and censorship through TV or print media advertisements, you can personalize your bulk SMS blast, or even personalize each SMS one by one for each customer to make them feel more special. Expressive wording can guarantee great impact and sending them through text is just the right way to spread these messages.

Around 98 per cent of SMS received are opened and by the receiver, so it is highly likely that your message will be opened and read by your customers. SMS marketing is not only more effective; it is also much preferred by consumers. Around 75 per cent of people would like to have offers sent to them via SMS than to see them in newspaper ads or brochures. By using bulk SMS services, you also won’t need to have to fight against spams from other advertisements as your customers will surely receive your SMS with or without the use of the internet. The open rate of SMS is also insanely high which makes this marketing tool a no-brainer.

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