5 Reasons Why Mobile Games Are Growing Fast Than PC Games

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Over time, the trend is increasingly changing and developing. In the past, maybe we were satisfied to only play console games that were maximally played by two people and often had to take turns. Now people have known what internet is and other uses of the internet in addition to finding information and also playing mobile games as well.

One of the video games was Dota 2 and League of Legend which had become the game king for Moba genre, especially in Indonesia. Now the two games have to be broad-minded, Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile change the paradigm that Moba must be played using a high end PC. This video game is also a Moba type, a 5 to 5 strategy match, but in contrast to Dota 2 and LoL, Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile can be played on Android or iOS based Mobile Phones.

Why analog cars such as Mobile Legends and similar games are able to become popular among mob fans?

1. PC is expensive and ‘complicated’

If you want to play video games, then the pc you have to build is quite expensive. Especially if you want to play the latest games that require a high end PC. What’s more, the PC also requires a lot of space and is also not practical. For some people who want to play Moba games but are lazy, then mobile is their choice, they can enjoy Moba games like Mobile Legends or PUBG Mobile with friends anywhere.

2. Home Internet Packages

Home internet packages do offer services that are quite tempting, ranging from high download speeds and unlimited quota. But despite all that, there are some weaknesses that are indeed possessed. The price is quite expensive for just internet service and the coverage area is uneven. Then, when using Wi-Fi home-based internet, we can only maximize at home. We won’t be able to hang out with friends to play our favorite mobile games together!

3. Lazy Goes to Internet Cafe

The dim popularity of computers also has an impact on the survival of internet cafes. But with the development of times and trends that have changed, people now seem reluctant to play games in internet cafes. They prefer to play games on their mobile phones, because the games offered by mobile game developers are also no less exciting and interesting!

4. Smartphone is Cheap

The soaring prices of PCs have an effect on people’s purchasing power. Therefore people switch to smartphones if it is just playing video games. Because the price is getting cheaper and more sophisticated, smartphones are now an alternative choice for the Indonesian people. As if aware of this trend, video game developers for mobile games are also increasing and developing video games.

5. Mobile Data Package is Cheap

In contrast to the price of home internet packages that are increasingly expensive, the mobile data package is now getting cheaper. The price offered is competitive and friendly with pockets.

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