New Startup Growth Slows, Opportunity for Early Startups to Grow

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About 5-6 years ago, startup growth began to be widely discussed. For young people, the term has become more popular than “entrepreneur”. Many people are enthusiastic about the startup world and want to establish their own startup, because they are inspired by players who have succeeded in incising success.

Startup growth

The term startup itself arises when technology begins to take an important role in a business system. Although not immediately, many startups refer to digital businesses that seek to create disruption by presenting effective problem-solving. So, where has it progressed to date?

Kevin Darmawan, as the Founder & Managing Partner of Coffee Ventures, specializing in the early stage startup. Starting the conversation, Kevin expressed his opinion that movements that tend to slow down in the startup landscape at this time are a very reasonable process.

“The success of existing startups at that time was enough to open the eyes of many people. Everyone thinks that making a company use technology is a cool solution. So many people with various backgrounds try to get there, with a capacity that is not qualified yet. Now the conditions are different, people know better about the business model and the actual conditions. If it is likened to war, now the weapon is far more ready.”

Kevin explained, these changes also occurred among investors. At the beginning, there may be many investors who think investment in startup value and turnover of small money. However, in the past two years the assumption was quite broken because the investment in startups was also able to produce a large Return of Investment (ROI). In Indonesia, investors from various places are coming. The startup began to be invested with a large value and the most noticeable impact was a fairly shaken market dynamics.

Regarding the slowing down of startup growth that may begin to be felt in the last two years Kevin actually thinks that it is a good process of “natural selection”. From there it will be seen where startups who want to learn to improve themselves and which ones can survive with increasingly fierce competition.




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